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    BPFTP Client (Windows) / Downloading
     Can you give me quick start instructions for Downloading using BPFTP?
     How do I download from a ratio site? (eg an MP3 FTP server)
     How do I get files to be detected in the clipboard, but not downloaded straight away?
     I clicked on the file I want, It goes to the bottom box... now what? Do I click something or does it start downloading from there?
     I find when I use a proxy server to download very large files my system will become very very slow after I begin to download.
     I want to queue a list of files for download from a website which I need to type a password in order to access. What do I need to to?
     I want to set my computer up so that I can d/l a file at night and when I get disconnected from the FTP, I want BPFTP to reconnect to the FTP and AUTO-RESUME. It pops up a window asking me if I want to resume, which is no good if I am not there.
     The files I download are often corrupt. What causes this?
     When I queue files for download, it loses the path on the remote server where the files are. So, it tries to download from the current directory and, of course, fails.